Freedom, Clocks, and Where Did America Go?

by thomaslsimpson

Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty not Safety. 

– Ben Franklin

I read a few articles covering the kid who brought a homemade clock to school and got arrested when it was mistaken for a bomb. Of course the kid has an Islamic name. Of course it happened in Texas. 

There is not enough information in the coverage to really judge the facts. It sounds like maybe the kid was new to the school. Maybe if the teachers had known him better it would not have happened? I read the kid was turned in by the English teacher, not the teacher the kid brought the clock to show. 

There is enough information to see that the kid was not brandishing the clock in a threatening manner. It was only discovered because it made a noise in the other class. No one mentioned a history of threats. From what I read, the only reason to assume that the devise was a bomb was that the kid had a name that sounded like he was Muslim. But I stand ready to be corrected. 

My first concern is not with the story. It is with the talk I have been hearing about the story. There are people who are content with the idea that it is okay for a kid to be arrested because someone thinks he might have something that might be part of a bomb.

It still shocks me when another American citizen is okay with someone else being deprived of civil liberty in the name of safety. I will grant that this is a school and that we have special issues relating to schools, but that’s not the point. The matter is the same regardless of place or age. And my fellow Americans do not seem to care as long as the Liberty being taken is being taken from someone else. 

If I passed around a petition for a law requiring all Muslims to submit to random searches by police, I bet it would get signed a lot. I bet I could get stunning support for a law titled “Christianity as the National Faith.”

I think Jefferson said:

The government you elect is the government you deserve. 

So, I suppose if the people around me are willing to enact those kinds of laws and happy to see civil rights vanish, then I should not be the least bit surprised with the government I end up with.

This country does not remain the “Land of the Free” Just because we keep calling it that. You can call an apple a lemon but it won’t make lemonade. 

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

– William Shakespeare

In order for America to be the country it is supposed to be, we the people have to be what America is supposed to be first. If that is not the case, then we can continue to call ourselves whatever we like, but we are no longer the Great Social Experiment that was once America.