Faith, Love, Freedom and Refugees.

by thomaslsimpson

So, as I understand it, the head executive representatives from 31 of the United States have said that people fleeing civil war in Syria, seeking to escape their condition and find a safe haven, are not welcome in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Earlier this evening I was working on a simple project with my son about Thomas Jefferson. I was telling him some of the stories about Jefferson I remembered reading. My son has a parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence I got him on a trip to DC and I was staring at it and I found myself wondering what Jefferson would say about what his creation has become now.

I suspect Jefferson would immediately start an armed revolution in disgust. I didn’t mention this to my son.

Later I was reading a bit more about it, and seeing some comments people were making. The hate was stunning. I found myself wondering what Christ must think of His creation.

I understand the fear. When you can’t tell one foreigner from another and you don’t feel like you can understand their language or their culture or their customs; when you see the fruits of their religious belief on TV and it seems like they are all insane; or when it seems like people from some other place are telling us how terrible we are in the West; and then here they are wanting us to feed and cloth them. I get it.

I wonder what Christ would want us to do? Would He want us to turn then away because they are not Christian? Because they might hurt us? Because they talked mean about us? I recall something from the Bible about the sick needing the doctor, and turning the other cheek, and giving the coat too, and all that.

I guess it’s fine to talk about faith in church, or in theory but then when it comes down to putting ourselves at risk, or putting our children at risk, we don’t trust God with that. God can handle Aunt Suzy’s sore ankles or we might pray for World Peace, but let’s be realistic here: no sensible Christian American can afford to take a chance that one of those crazy Syrians won’t blow up a McDonalds or convert the whole kindergarten to Sharia Law over night!

If you remove everything American from America, what do you have left? The frightening thing about freedom of religion is that people are free to pick the other religion. Freedom of speech means people might say things you don’t want to hear. I guess we should just shut up about all these American ideals and admit that we don’t want your tired, your poor, your dirty masses yearning for our handouts. We want you to go away and leave us alone. We are a “Christian Nation” and by that we mean, “we go to church on Sunday and gossip about anyone who doesn’t and if you’re not Christian too then God says we can hate you. Unless you’re Jewish. Or Israeli. Or whatever it says in the Bible about that.”

I quoted Franklin a while back about liberty and safety. I guess if you haven’t gotten it by now, you never will get it. So, let me make it as clear as I can.

As an American, let me say, as clearly as I can, that the men who founded our country would be ashamed. If you are an American, and this is not obvious to you, then I beg you to educate yourself until you understand it and then you can call yourself worthy of being an American.

As a Christian, let me say, as clearly as I can, that the Lord who created us must surely be ashamed. If this is not clear to you, and you call yourself a Christian, then I beg you to educate yourself about Christianity until you understand it.

The long history of Muslims and Christians killing each other fills the pages in many volumes. I’m very little educated in those matters myself. I can tell you that we have been killing each other for a very long time. I can also tell you that there is only one answer to the entire question that is worthy of a follower of Christ.